Friday, 11 May 2012

Meeting the end...

Two days til deadline time,  compositing is going well and Alex has not only coloured some more frames for me but has also composited two shots to a standard I am most pleased with.

As my film will not be coloured in it, I am simply going to add all the completed frames and the cleaned up frames on top of the backgrounds.  Since all the backgrounds are complete I want to make sure they are all in the hand in film.  However since a majority of the backgrounds are dark I have had to have a purple outline around the lineart.  This means although the characters are still see through they are much more visible which is extremely important for the films incomplete readability. 

Still of purple in progress shot:

Name of film:

I am also having some last minute thoughts on the title of my film.  I am not ecstatic about 'pond', I think it's a bit boring.  However it is easy for file naming exchanges with helpers. 

However months ago my mum found an article on the study of dragonflies

The article titled 'Research into the visual communication of dragonflies, looked upon new research on how dragonflies communicate with each other through colour.  The research paper was named:  Odonata colour.  It was the word Odonata that appealed to me, the article went on to say that dragonflies communicate with each other through colour and light which the human eye can not see.

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