Saturday, 31 March 2012

Progress report

So far so good with the films progress. I have completed animating in total 28 shots, and have 27 left to animate. This last two weeks I have animated two of the hardest shots in my film that last a long time and also involve slow movements. Im trying to get my frames scanned on the weekend, animate in the day and do some clean up and alpha channeling in the evenings. Not many of my shots have been coloured yet, my aim is to get all the animation done by the rough draft deadline and a reasonable amount cleaned and coloured. Help wise I know I am going to need more assistance with colour if I am going to get my film complete in time, therefore after Easter I will ask some first years for help.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Texture Tests

I realised that with my backgrounds being all details and having some texture to them my creature looked really flat... which is a nightmare.  As I have no time to shade each individual frame I though giving her a texture will be the next best thing.  I did these four texture tests. I will do some market research and see what people think looks the best.

Texture 1
Texture 2
Texture 3
Texture 4

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rough Colour Test

Useing toning when colour is very important to my film, but I still had not got a complete coloured frame with my creature in the background.  So here was some rough colour tests to see her in at different stages of light.

darkest Photobucket darker Photobucket light Photobucket lightest Photobucket I think for my dark scene I will go with the darkest test, for medium when the light enters the light and for the last scene the lightest. Though I will not know until those backgrounds are fully coloured