Friday, 17 February 2012

Dissertation Week

Animation wise my film is currently on a temporary hold, as I just want to blast through my dissertation so I won't be caught in the rush of finishing it on the week before deadline and worrying about getting it covered and bound in time.  I am currently doing quite well and have only conclusion let to finish and will send it off to be checked and HOPEFULLY it will be fully complete by the end of next week.

In film news, me and Deb are working well with the backgrounds, still getting the tones right and the colour will work much better on top.  Alex is helping me currently with the meeting the dragonfly scene and since I was not happy with my animation test I have given Alex the responsibility of experimenting on how the dragonfly will move on the close up scene.  I still plan on the dragon being animated by after effects when it is in flight.  I have also found some help from an MA student, Thanos to help me with clean up and colour, which I was worrying about a bit.  I have sent me new animatic with the extra scene to my composer and he should give me another rough draft in about two weeks.  So far so good.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

First animation linetests

This week I think was a good start, I've began the animating prcess of my film, a weeks worth of work had given me four shots, each a variety of shots and movements so it will be hard to tell if I will get the same amount of shot each week but I atleast plan to get the same amount of animation in seconds rather than shots.  I'm not wanting to have any other tutors seeing my film as I have put a stamp on changing the story any more or I will simply not get it finished, however I might see Leonie just to get her opinion on shot contruction, but nothing else. 

These are my first linetests for my film:

I don't think I will animate my film in order of scenes, I think I will just animate whatever scene/shot I feel like.  Some shots are gonna me more challenging than others so if I have atleast one long shot and perhaps three shorter shots I hopefully won't get too stressed and have a nice variety in the week.